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About us

The 70's
Alessandro Crespo

was founded in Turin as a Firm in the seventies, working principally in the field of precious metals and stones and extending its activity all over the province in a short time.


The 80's
Alessandro Crespo

during the eighties, Alessandro Crespo renewed and extended itself showing a great flexibility in answering the demands of the market. Proposing itself to a regional level as a Leader Firm in the field of costume jewellery, silver costume jewellery, accessories and items for hair, and at the same time, it began to deal out in new regions such as Valle D'Aosta.


The 90's
Alessandro Crespo

in the early nineties, Alessandro Crespo engaged itself in important investments for the global computerization of the firm, for the increase of the sales net and for the renewal of the firm's image. Into the bargain, challenging the economic crisis, with the collaboration of employees and agents and using innovative marketing strategies, it exetended the sales net, in a capillary way, also in Lombardy and Liguria.


Alessandro Crespo

consistent with its own policy of expansion and ability, Alessandro Crespo proposed itself to a national and international level, presentig exclusive, classic and fashionable lines therefore falling into line with the highest creative and distributive strandards in this field.


Alessandro Crespo

strengthening its presence to a national and international level by creating its own site, offering its clients the possibility of seeing and ordering the desired items through internet at any moment.



To show you our articles in a very confortable place please come and see us at the Macef fair where we are exhibitors in the month of January and September.

Video Macef September 2006